Clare E Coughlan | Director

Clare E Coughlan, Founder & Director

Clare began work in marketing for a cruise line in Toronto in 1995. After a brief stint as a speech writer and researcher at The House of Commons in London, UK, she returned to Toronto to take a job at Cossette Communication-Marketing. As Account Supervisor for the Saturn (General Motors) brand, Clare was primary liaison with the General Motors client, responsible for overall brand strategy and creative direction. She oversaw the execution of tactics for the brand across all arms of the company – from direct marketing, promotion and public relations, to the media buying, and development of creative for TV, radio, print and online. In recognition of her contribution, she was awarded the Cossette Outstanding Performance Award in 1998.

In 2000, she took a position with Bell Canada as Advertising Manager in the business division. She launched their new business internet high speed product, in addition to various e-commerce solutions targeted towards the small and medium business segment in Canada. Clare moved to Vancouver in 2003 and became Associate Editor at Geist (Canada’s largest literary magazine) in 2004, subsequently taking on Circulation and Advertising management. Clare launched Clevers Media Ltd, a Marketing and Advertising Sales company, with a business partner in April 2008. It had a successful run for almost 12 years.

In late 2019, Clare felt it was time to make a move to form her own agency, and Bright Communications was born!

Project Collaborators

Lenke Sifko | Art Director + Consulting

Bringing over two decades of experience in design, business, and education, Lenke is a frequent collaborator on projects big and small.

Melissa Alves | Marketing Assistant + Designer

Any project involving marketing and design will have Melissa adding some of her spice to the mix.

Mary Cervantez | Marketing Assistant

Mary handles the details, and keeps our administrative wheels turning on everything from client email management to social media posts.